23. Jun, 2019

Granny to the Rescue

It was the first Saturday I had had off in a month and I had high hopes of organising a project that needs completing. But one of y grandsons is doing a presentation of Captain Hook on Monday and the props he had previously couldn't be found. So it was hunt through the fabric boxes and come up with fabric to make a lace jabot and a cumberbund. Here they are hanging on a plastic dummy that one day I am going to use as a base to do a collage on. It is going to be a busy week this week so I will just have to see how I go with getting that project organised. When the sun shines I want to be outside tidying up in the garden and there is a lot of cutting back to do out there. Rob has his final post hip replacement check in Hamilton and I am hoping to get across to see my sister. It is also GST week in the shop and my car has to have a warrant of fitness but I am so pleased with the cleaning efforts I made last week that I just might still manage to get something creative done in between times. Grandma wa 94 yesterday and I told her I knew she was having lots of visitors so I would leave coming to see her till Monday - back in the shop today. She gets tired with lots of people coming and going.