19. Jun, 2019

Hamilton Gardens

Not much creativity going on this week. I have been doing those mundane jobs like cleaning out the garden shed and organising the freezers and helping my husband store a heap of wood turning ancient kauri that he has purchased for his wood turning. I am trying to get a scrapbook topic a day done to catch up on my memory keeping. Last Spring when Tamara was doing her ceramics course in Hamilton I spent a day at the Hamilton Gardens wandering around their theme gardens and this is what I am recording at the moment. The one above is a page from a two page spread on the Tudor Garden. The gardens are magnificent and I took way too may photos to use so it is an interesting process of selecting what will best represent my day and finding some sort of embellishment which might enhance the selection. I prefer fairly clean and simple scrapbooking pages as my scrapbooks are about capturing a memory and telling a story - usually about my grandkids. I want to go back to the gardens at some stage - probably this Spring as they have a "dyers garden" and my camera and phone were both out of battery by the time I got to them. They have natural dye plants and bits about them growing in this garden so that will be informative and might spark a whole new round of dye experiments. Meanwhile I will remember the day and the focus on repeated patterns while it is cold outside, A good frost this morning but so nice to see the sun after days of miserable drizzly weather. I might even go out and do something in the garden. I must photograph my quilts for submission to the Quilt symposium jury today as well