15. Jun, 2019

Immersion Dyed Woollen blanket

I don't do a lot of immersion dying but maybe I will do more after this little experiment. It was exciting unbundling the blanket. The rust washers left clare dark circles and the onion skins dyed the outer edges much more than the inner. You can see I bundled this in a diagonal direction - the onion skins didnt reach as well into the inner part of the bundle - hence the lighter area at the bottom left. I wonder if I left it in the bath longer if it would have permeated more. Perhaps something to try and a later date - maybe when the weather is warmer and I can do this outside. I have all the old (more than 7 years) documents from our business to dispose of now they have passed their tax redemption period so that might be a fun way to get that job done plus make something wonderful. The spaghetti lines toward the tow right are where the rubber bands were around the blanket and again the onion skin dye did not reach - maybe something else to play with - maybe with tight string resist like shibori