13. Jun, 2019

Indiana Flint Method

I watched an Indiana Flint promo video in which she wandered around gathering leaves and twigs and rusty bits and pieces and bundled them together and put them in a cauldron to simmer for a day. After all the controlled eco printmaking of the last few weeks it seemed very liberating so here is what I gathered. A piece of old (stained) woollen blanket (originally meant for Rusty's bed - but he has plenty of bedding) some onion skins a friend had just given me, some rusty washers, nails and other bits, some 50/50 vinegar and water (in the bottle, some leaves and some bark. I sprayed the blanket with the vinegar/water mix and then roughly bundlled the rst together and secured with rubber bands. The onion skins I put in an old laundry bag so I could easily extract them at the end. It is too wet and miserable here to do an outdoors fire so I put all this in my eco dye slow cooker (the ne I usually use for steaming. And left it simmering.