12. Jun, 2019

Using Teabags for Aged Skin

I cant show the whole thing as I am submitting this piece for consideration at NZ Quilt Symposium but i thought some of you might be interested in how using tea bags as aged skin - laminated onto fabric and painted with gel median and then, after stitching ,wet so that the teabags wrinkle a bit as well might look. You have to decide where you are gong to stitch before you begin as it is not easy to remove stitches without tearing the teabags underneath. It has been an interesting journey even if this piece is not accepted. I have to have it finished by the end of the month so am trying to work on it each day if I can. Grandma has been in hospital and then needing extra care at home so my progress hasnt been as good as I would have hoped but I am almost there. Just her raincoat to attach, facings and hanging sleeve to go