11. Jun, 2019

More eco Paint on Leaf silhouette

To me this sort of defeats the purpose of nature printing but it was good to experiment with this sample of oak leaves. For anyone following my blog, you will know that getting good oak leaf prints is my nemesis. The fact that the oak should have plenty of tannin and the difficulty in getting really clear prints is at conflict in my process. This piece of cotton was bundle steamed with oak leaves and an iron blanket and then immersed into a alt and water bath after steaming to shift the ph hence the background is tan rather than blue from the iron. You can see what the initial silhouette print looked like from the leaf in the top corner.I used osage orange and logwood (on the edges) thickened dyes thinned to a paint consistency. It is a process that would have application in some areas but I feel I might just as well have drawn an outline on the fabric and painted directly onto the cloth. For me it has lost the organic feel that leaf prints impart.