6. Jun, 2019

Thickened Dyes for Textile Work

I have made thickened dyes before, using tragacanth gum but guar is cheaper and easier to source so here are my supplies ready to make the base dyes. Using white vinegar instead of water means the dyes will last almost indefinitely. Two cups of vinegar and 2 tbsp plus 2 tsp of slum (PAS) in a tall container and mix with a stick blender until the alum is dissolved. With the stick blender still running slowly add 2 tsp of guar powder. The mixture will become thick like very thick wall paper paste. I am going to be adding eco dye powder extracts but this system works equally well with procion powders and the dye paste is good for stamping or screen printing and if you thin it a little you can paint with it. This mix makes about 300 ml and I usually use 100mls in the little plastic containers so 3 colour ways here