1. Jun, 2019

Guotaku print 1 - Acrylic paint on hand dyed cotton

The first print was not so good but would make a great piece to stitch into at some time. I enhanced the eye and fins with Inktense pencils. The problem I encountered with this piece was the paint dried too quickly. I think (and I should have remembered this from intaglio printing) - that if the fabric was spritzed with water to a just damp stage the print would be better. The ink is dabbed on rather than rolled to help define the scales and get better bending of colours. If you look back at the actual fish you will see he is dark blue on the top with silver and yellow on his belly and I have tried to replicate those colours in this direct print. Before defining the eye and fins I was a bit disappointed with this first attempt but it is a first attempt and it may have been clearer on a plain fabric. However, I was keen to match the colours in the fish with some hand dyed fabric I had done a while back. I also have space dyed thread and lace that was done in the same batch as the fabric so this guy might morph into something at a later stage when my quilt challenges for the spring are out of the way. I did work on the Indonesian lady yesterday and I am now much happier with her. I have quilted the face and then added lots of water to the teabags to let them wrinkle into an aged skin