18. May, 2019

The Paper Towel iron Blanket Transformation

In the post for yesterday I used a paper towel blanket and the colours on the paper towel were just amazing. The papertowel is quite fragile but I dried it and then ironed it and then ironed Misty Fuse to the reverse. I then fused it onto cotton fabric. I used a reasonable weight fabric but you could easily get away with a lightweight cotton or maybe even a polycotton, Once fused I painted the front with gel. This was interesting as a use a paper towel product called Quilton. It Appears to be just one layer of paper towel with a quilting pattern but once the gel git, I quickly became aware that it was two very thin layers of paper towel fused together - this could account for the wonderful diffusion of colours onto the paper. I carefully peeled away the top layer and spread that to dry. Then I gelled the layer fused to the cotton. It goes very milky but once the gel is dried it is clear and almost like a thin, soft leather in texture. I used a gloss in this instance and think I would prefer my usual soft gel matte but I was impatient and wanting to see if this worked. I am more than pleased with the result, I am not sure how it will hand stitch but machine stitching it will be fine