11. May, 2019

The first of the Experimental pieces stitched

I am trying to enhance the beauty of the leaf print without overwhelming the print so here is a print of a Forest Tulip leaf (Autumn gathered. The one on the left is right side to the fabric and the one on the right is underside to the fabric. The fabric was sprayed with a light mist of 50/50 vinegar and water and a light iron blanket used over the leaves - this has made the slightly mauvey tint to the fabric - it was white to begin with. I have just outlined the leaf with a small running stitch and then used backstitch on the veins to make them a bit more prominent. This is very similar to the process I use when I stitch on leaves/flowers between levels of organza. A small cluster of beads (slightly larger than seed beads has been attached at the base to give a glint of extra colour. The beads on the left are a soft mushroom colour and the ones on the right are gold. When all the pieces are together I will machine quilt the negative space so the leaves should become more focused.