10. May, 2019

Experiments with Autumn Leaves

I have been printing a range of small prints from Autumn leaves with my eco dying - trying different things like printing with sprayed while vinegar and water on some to bring out the pink shades, using various iron blankets - paper towel/water colour paper. My idea with these little pieces is to stitch into the prints and embellish some of them with small beads and then join them together to make a presentation. I am trying some leaves that I havent worked a lot with before like the titoki panel in the front. I will stitch on these in the evening. I am finding that the colours are not as intense and varied as the Spring leaves for example there are very few blues appearing in the prints. In the centre you can see some forest tulip prints. There is a tree I walk past each day on my way to work and I can't help but stop and gather the fallen leaves of this. They have an interesting heart shaped leaf and while the prints on fabric are pleasing, the prints on paper are spectacular