5. May, 2019

Art Books

I often buy art books and textile books from second hand auction sites and find especially the step by step water colour type ones are helpful for me in layering things in my textile art. Just recently I looked at a pile of books going for $1 that had to be collected from Putaruru - about and hour and ten minutes away. Originally I thought I would be dropping Kate's kids off for their sleep over but when that didn't happen I had to commit to making the journey anyway. I came home with a wealth of books. The artist involved, Pat Lindborn, had to go into a care home and could not take all her collection. Among the books I scored was an article on her wonderful West Coast forest scenes. Her son proudly showed me the originals of these while I was there. They were magnificent and extremely detailed so I cam home with the books plus a wonderful memory and knowledge of another local artist