4. May, 2019


So many people keep their photos digitally these days but I like to record the milestones in our family's lives with scrapbooking. With nine grandchildren that takes some keeping up with and I am about three years behind so this winter I need to make a concerted effort to catch up. I am finding I am using more of my fabric techniques in the scrapbooking. Here I have used a stencil to create the trees on the left hand side instead of cutting out die cuts or fancy borders. This is part of a two page spread of Kate's family's visit to Broken Hills in the Coromandel. It is interesting how the teenagerss (and their friends) enjoy looking through the scrapbooks and remembering things that don't come together as a group when viewed digitally. Of course there is always Granny's interpretation of the event as well. I should have been working on my challenge quilt but I am at an impasse so have put it on the design wall to look at for a couple of days before I continue