3. May, 2019

Macadamia Nuts

I love the sweet kernels of these nuts but they are so hard shelled that getting into them is a bit of a mission. This morning I enjoyed sitting in the Autumn sunshine and cracking the dried nuts with an old firebrick. This bowl was full of nuts I had gathered before the rats beat me to them. I find it is best to let the outer shell dry before cracking so that the nut comes away easily from the inner surface. These few left in the bowl arent quite ready to crack. Now I will be like the little red hen and hide these away so that those that can't be bothered to crack the nuts don't devour my hard work in one sitting. We will enjoy them in muesli and cake toppings and I will eat a few as they are. For those who are wondering where my creative arts is lately, I have been working on the Indonesian lady for the Quilt symposium challenge - and there have been a few challenges with this. It is made from recycled/repurposed articles from a photo I have taken myself but I am not able to show it in any forum until after the jury verdict which is the beginning of June so I need to keep working. I have almost finished the collage/piecing and am about to start quilting the background. I am still not quite happy with the mouth but it might have to stay as is