25. Apr, 2019

The Joys Of Being an Eco Artist

The childlike excitement of what if is never far from the surface with eco art. It is the time of year when the orchardists clear out their cool storage for the new season's crops and apples are ridiculously cheap. At this time of the year I buy up many kilos and peel slice and dehydrate apples for use is various dishes or as snacks during the year. This year, as I was working I had an onion skin experiment with gradation s of colour over time boiled going on at the same time. These Pacific Rose apples are a lovely red and the skins had coloured the flesh slightly in some places so they were a pale rose. usually I make apple jelly from the skins and cores but we have a lot of jam already from plums and pears we have been given this season, so why not see if the red will colour mordanted cotton. I am off to see what happens