19. Apr, 2019

Saving My maple leaves

I have a range of maples in my garden and some of the leaves are quite delicate but beautiful for eco dying. Yesterday I collected a range of maples and then got busy so I didn't manage to set them out for drying/pressing and I left them on the kitchen table. Our house is very dry (and warm) andi n the morning many of the finer leaves had become crenellated and crispy. I had specifically selected good leaves as the dry summer and thrip attacks had left many of the leaves imperfect so I wanted to try and save what I had gathered. I remembered from last winter with stitching on leaves that I often had to dip the leaves in water to stop them splitting when I stitched on them so I followed a similar process here and then patted them dry with a paper towel. If leaves are pressed wet they go mouldy. As you can see from these ones ready to press they came back wonderfully well and should give some great print results when I come to use them