17. Apr, 2019

Grapes Gallore

The garden Centre at work has an amazing grapevine which produces huge numbers of luscious rapes each year. Because this attracts wasps and one of our staff members is allergic to wasp venom, it is my job to pick all the grapes at this time of year. I hate to see them go to waste so I dehydrate some to use in muesli and trail mix and last year I tried to make some wine but it wasnt very nice so I don't know if I will try that again. I find I need to cut the grapes in half or they take too long to dry out. The first year I deseeded them as I went but this is very time consuming so now I just slice them and into the drier and the seeds get discarded at the other end. Here you can see a bunch of the grapes beginning and some of the sliced grapes on the tray ready to dehydrate. I think they would also be OK fro eco dying - another thing I will try with some of these