15. Apr, 2019

Beautiful Bromeliads

Autumn is really here now and I love the Autumn weather. It is crisp and not too hot to work outdoors even though the leaves are falling and I am trying not to over collect for my eco dying. I was blowing the fallen leaves out of what I call my contained meditation garden and I noticed how beautiful these bromeliads were looking. They are epiphytes in nature so the dry weather hasn't affected them as much as many other plants - this was the reason I changed the grouping in the old wooden wheelbarrow from heucheras to bromeliads. Many of you will not know that our house is built on the foundations of the old Limedale butter factory and this area was the loading/unloading zone. Many years ago someone converted it to a barbeque area but it is quite a distance from the kitchen so we just tend to use it as a contemplation area - not that I get much time to just sit and read or dream in here but it is a lovely place to visit and think that maybe one day I will just stretch out on the lounger and indulge. I do often take my coffee down here or on the deck, especially on sunny days in the Winter as it is protected from the wind and provides a great place to take in the sun (and vitamin D)