14. Apr, 2019

Botanical Inks

While my main interest is in printing with leaves, and there is a small section in this book on that, I have found this book interesting. It is always amazing how you find little gems of knowledge that present you with an aha moment. This book is a wealth of information on creating vats, dyes, inks and thickened inks from various plant materials and moditying them with various mordants - sort of along the lines of my garden diary that I am still working on. What struck me in this book that I hadn't realised the importance of before is the alkalinity and how that affects the dye process. I have only once got the bright orange colours from my silver dollar gum and when I think about it I am sure I sprayed the fabric with white vinegar. My friend, Jan, has recently become interested in this process to use in teabag dying (she is a paper craft person rather than textiles) and I gave her some ferrous sulphur mordant as she was trying to get blue. She also tried white vinegar and got bright pinky reds. The whole eco dyeing process is always exciting with new learning and things to try