11. Apr, 2019

The Next Quilt Art Challenge

Well Mr Tuatara for the Hoffman Challenge is finished except for his hanging sleeve and name tag so I thought I would look at the next challenge I wanted to do - this one has to be done by July so I have a bit of time. The challenge rules prevent me from showing the quilts before they are on view with the challenge but giving you an idea of where my artwork is headed is hardly viewing the quilt. This darling lady sheltered with us in a tropical storm in Java and I asked her if I could take her photo for my art work. She agreed but when she saw the photo she thought she was so old and so ugly. I thought she was magnificent. Originally she was to be part of the age and integrity quilt but this morphed to being through the lens of Steve McCurry and I still so wanted to do something with this photo. I am back to using teabags. This time for the face. This is the initial stage glue tacked in place before the gel medium application. The gell application was more tricky because I needed to keep the shapes in place and I hadn't fused them to the background fabric ( I usually use something like misty fuse to do that - this time I had just glue tacked. Something to consider if this process is successful and I use it again. The eyes and mouth remain just sketched in as I will overstitch this with free machine embroidery and as the eyes are the most important feature of this type of collage/embroidery I will have more control over getting the expressions correct this way. You will have to wait for the jury decision to see both the quilts completed.