9. Apr, 2019

Gathering Fall Leaves for Winter Eco printing

When I read about how others have to secure their leaves for eco dying I realise how spoilt I am as I just need to go for a walk around my garden and pick up leaves on a daily basis. The liquid amber (sweet gum) is one of my favourites as it always gives great results when printing and the pressed leaves come in for other art projects also. I can never resist the ginkgos - they are still green but will go golden as the season progresses. I have never managed to get a good print from them but they are great to get a resist of their shape. Other leaves in this picture are some silver birch which I really haven't tried before but thought it would be worth a try and some flowering plum - all fruit trees seem to give some sort of print and the impact changes as the season progresses. These leaves are dark purple in the summer but are changing now to vermillion so I will definitely be trying them. And the leaves at the bottom left are cherry leaves. Usually I wait till these turn more colourful but these yellow ones were there so I added them to my bunch. I have lots of fabric for printing this season so we will have to see what comes of all these leaves