29. Mar, 2019

This is About as Organised as My Office Gets

When you organise business stuff from a home office, it often gets quite chaotic. I spent yesterday archiving and tidying away the piles of clutter in my office because I just couldn't stand it any longer. There still seems to be lots of bits of "stuff" but at least it is now more organised clutter. I have tiled away the web art "ideas" omtp a folder and archived the old invoices and things for Shoppington, Dynamic Engines and our Family Trust so that only the current lot is residing on the shelves. It is something I have to do once in a while. My studio - seen peeping through the window will be the next to get a shake up but I have had to take Grandma to get a biopsy and some skin cancers removed and Tamara got her Learner's licence today so now it will be practical driving so she can get her restricted in 6 months. There never seems enough hours in the day. No wonder I get in a muddle because I have to spend some time being creative or I just vegetate