26. Mar, 2019

More Home Improvements Rather than Art

Having to look after Rob after his hip operation it is often difficult to focus on my art work so I have been trying to use any spare time proactively and working on some maintenance projects that have been shelved for quite a while. Here is the table in my kitchen - It is Kauri and we inherited with the house . I had said I wasn't going to refinish it until my grandkids were over the playdough stage so I didn't have to worry about spills and stuff on the table. That time has come so I used a product called Coopers Furniture restoration and it has come up beautifully. Now I am keen to try and do the kitchen cupboards but we will see how I get on over the next couple of weeks. Rob is making such amazing progress following the hip operation that I think he will soon be back to normal. He has gone for a walk this morning to see a wood turning buddy that lives down the road from here. It is incredible that he can move so freely after just 2 weeks since such major surgery.