25. Mar, 2019


We know the days are shorter but nes the Bella donna Lilies and the Nerines start flowering we know Autumn has arrived. this beauty is in full flower in my garden. Time to think about gathering leaves for eco dying over winter and keeping myself busy in the garden so that I get all the cutting back done - and there is a lot of it to do! But flowers like this make it so worth while. Today, while trying to tidy up the vegetable garden for winter I got stung by several paper wasps. I hadn't seen there next that was above where I was digging our oxalis - it is such a curse because any little bulb that is left behind ends up creating a colony of bulbs and it has loved the hot dry summer. The soil is quite hard and very dry in places despite trying to keep the vegetable garden watered. Other parts of the garden have suffered also and I am really hoping I havent lost my big flowered clematis. What I did notice though was the Tamarillo that I thought had dies has burst into leaf and is growing at the rate of knots. don't think we will get any fruit this year but interesting to see how it has responded to the hot Summer and a garden that has been watered because of the roses in it