23. Mar, 2019

The Bernina 12 x12 Challenge - Childhood Memories

I got this delivered to Stitch 'n Stuff in Te Awamutu yesterday so well within the cut of deadline of 29 March. They will be displayed in store and on their website and there will be a viewer voting facility to choose the ones that will tour round the quilt shows later this year. My photo doesnt look quite square - I don't think I was directly overhead when I took the photo but here is the teabag base and the distressed organza water with a thread stitched Tamara making a sand cone ( made from tea bag dyed butter muslin)at the water's edge. My description tells how a visit to the beach and making sandcastles/sand cones is an intergenerational Childhood Memory and how the teabags invoke yet another memory - that of having visitors for afternoon tea and being allowed to have two goodies off the tea table as a treat. The circular figure eight quilting on the teabags symbolises the unity of our intergenerational childhood memories. I have faced this mini quilt a la Gloria Loughman's technique for facing and it was fun to make even if it doesn't make the cut, n line viewers choices are so much like "likes" on Facebook and the more people who know you or are in your quilting circle the more votes you are likely to generate. I do not belong to many groups but I am not bound up by such selections. I completed this challenge because a work colleague sent it to me and I thought it a good size to try out a few techniques in a project.