9. Mar, 2019

At it Again

A friend sent me a Bernina Challenge 2019 for a 12 x 12 quilt with the theme of Childhood memories. I don't often do challenges these days as they take away from the precious time I have to work on my development art but the theme sort of resinated with me and as childhood and trips to the beach are part of my childhood, my children's childhood and my grandchildren's childhood it seemed that this theme and an activity at the beach might be a good match. The background fabric will again be made from teabags but these ones are not as homogenous as I have used in the past. Here are the teabags laminated onto some cotton and the gel medium applied to seal them. Some of the teabags started to go mouldy where the tea had been left in them to darken the teabag and I hadnt got to clean them out soon enough. So I have cleaned off the mould and decided to integrate the darkened teabags to get the wet sand look I am trying for. My quilt will be called "At the Water's Edge" and will have a thread paint of a young Tamara in the foreground. Watch this space to see how things develop.