8. Mar, 2019

The First Experimental Print with the Forest Tulip Leaves

This is the yellow silk satin from Thailand that I purchased in an estate sale. The yellow was brighter than it looked in the photograph and this is the fabric that the dye ran in but I wanted to try to see if I could get a print suitable for stitching into. I used the Forest tulip leaves in the previous post and an iron blanket and this is the result. I will stitch into this now to create a small eco art piece and see where I go with it. At this stage I am thinking of adding some stamped dots in the middle of the leaves with beads in them but I won't finally decide that until I have done a bit more. I also used some eucalyptus leaves (In a spray) further down this piece. They have a ghostly outline that might be fun to stitch also. Not really what I was looking for - I am trying to find the eucalyptus that gives the reddish prints more like what you see in the Forest Tulip print