23. Feb, 2019

Ready for the Dehydrator

A friend on a lifestyle block had run out of water because of a problem with the line to their reservoir and I took them out some water to keep them going until Rob could get out there to see if the problem could be solved. They gave me some wonderful organic grown golden queen peaches. When the children were growing up I used to bottle (can) about 40 quart jars a year of peaches but these days we don't eat dessert very often so I decided I would dehydrate the golden goodness and use the result in home made muesli, trail mix (scroggin) or just as a take along snacks. I can always rehydrate some pieces if i want to make peach cobbler or similar. So I have spent the morning peeling and slicing but don't they look delicious here as they head into the dehydrator for the next several hours