19. Feb, 2019

Why I Did the botanicals Course

I am making a journal of garden plants (in my garden) that I use in my art work. Here is the beginning, Cotinus Royal Purple. I have sketched the leaf and the cotton square is an example of the use of these leaves in eco dying on mordanted cotton (in the Spring). The dried leaf (which I may replace in this case as it has a tear now and has yet to be mounted) has darkened as it dried. Originally it was more the colouration of my sketch. I have a small photo of what the whole tree looks like that I will add in for identification. The Leaves change the colours they leave as the seasons change. The print at the bottom of the left hand page is Summer eco print on watercolour paper, dipped in ferrous sulphate solution but not soaked and used as an iron blanket on cotton fabric; each side of the leaf is shown as there is quite a difference between the prints from the right side and underside of the leaves. The ferrous sulphate does tend to "dull" (darken) colours and using a smaller amount of ferrous sulphate in the iron blanket reduces the amount of darkening. Both of these prints have been made using an iron blanket as the slightly darker edge of the print shows. Using a more concentrated amount of the chemical would give a much more definite outline and shading. The underside of leaves toward the fabric/paper medium tends to give better definitional characteristics as can be seen in the bottom paper example. I will use a combination of drawings/photographs and ideas of how I have used the leaves. This particular tree I have also direct machine stitched onto with a dyed paper background in the style of Di Wells (UK). A long way to go!!!! But it will make a very good resource for either me for someone else in the future.