16. Feb, 2019

Learning in the Process

About half way there. I am trying to work on at least one square a day. This is definitely an example of quilting makes the quilt. The quilting has brought the quilt to life. When I began this quilt it was a stash buster quilt - that is to say I wanted to use only fabric left over from other projects. Even the background was fabric I had on hand and didn't think I would use in anything else. When I began pin basting i decided to use the idea of quilt as you go - similar to Marti Michell's concept - and I just pin basted down the top middle section. I often have trouble with large quilts getting them aligned to pin the next section so this time I have quilted the first pin basted run and then put the quilt back on the table and pin basted again. This seems to work well. I do not make many large quilts these days but it is a process that I would definitely use again. This quilt is queen bed size and I have always thought it had a muddy coloured appearance but it is growing on me with the texture/colour change with the quilting. The applique is not show case standard but it is bright and organic and the memories contained in making the quilt make it worthy of completion. I sometimes think we underestimate the importance of the making process in quilts and when something is less than perfect we discard it. I have found that even the freedom of the small meandering stipple has taken some concentration to keep changing the direction. A different type of concentration from the machine thread painting stitching but none the less, I sometimes feel the machine is taking ts own way around the spaces.