15. Feb, 2019

The Steve McCurry Quilt is Finished

The concept for this quilt changed in the making. I wanted to do a series of interesting older faces and combine in a quilt. When researching permission to use photographs, Steve McCurry, a well known international photographer for National Geographic, was the only one that replied. Originally I had intended to use some of my own photos but as I began the portraits it seemed that the photos of Steve's were taking preference so I decided to include him in the quilt as well - with his camera of course. The original layout was just in squares but then I decided to use the teabag fabric and the porthole process to set the photos in place. The quilt is a little under a metre (36 inches) square. Everyone has there favourite stitchery and I have called this quilt "Age and Integrity through the lens of Steve McCurry". There were two portraits that weren't used in the quilt and I have framed these independently.