26. Jan, 2019

Getting Ready to Dye the Daylily Experiment

Its a while since I have done any eco dying but here is the layout using the daylily. There was only one red on in flower and you can see that diagonally across this piece. I tried a yellow one as well and there were a few coreopsis I have grown especially for dyinging so down the bottom left you can see one of them and a Hammet dahlia. I want to try the Hammet leaves as they are dark purple Other leaves in the picture are from the smoke tree - remember I got a beautiful clear blue from these in the sprint. I am wondering what I will get now. Green and red maples, a few apple leaves and some mature cherry leaves - in the Spring these were clear yellow but last Autumn they were golding brown. There are also a few silver dollar gum leaves sprinkled in there. So now to bundle and get it into the steamer