25. Jan, 2019

Discoveries Come From All Sorts of Accidents

In preparation for working on my journal that documents my garden plants and how I use them in eco dying and textile art I have been trying to learn to botanical draw using pencils. It has been a bit of a challenge but I have made huge progress with the use of pencils - in fact it is becoming one of my favourite mediums. As part of the course we were to dissect a flower and write about its formation. I chose a day lily as they are flowering in my garden and I thought they would have potential in dimensional embroidery I did this along side what was to be a page of sketches of the flower - petal completed. I decided to place some paper towel on the petals to press them. While the petals have almost disintegrated, look at the dyes that have come out on the paper towel. I am sure these dyes will have use in eco dying and now I am ready to try it out