20. Jan, 2019

Toilet paper Casting!!!!

This has got to be the cheapest craft supplies ever. While I was waiting for my teabags to dry on the background for the Steve mcCully quilt I went to look at some teabag printing on Youtube and came up with this concept. Here I have used a cut glass plate as the stamp medium. Basically It is just layers of toilet paper dampened and pushed into the crevices with a stencil brush. I used about 5 layers of toilet tissue and then patted it dry. I carefully lifted it off the plate and let it dry thoroughly on a cookie sheet. Then I cut off the surplus and painted it with gel medium. You could probably also use PVA (White glue). This is just a sealant to keep the layers from delaminating. The trimmed edges in particular need to be sealed to prevent moisture getting in. Then I tried wood blocks, stamps and even plastic meat trays from the supermarket. Not sure where I will use these at this stage but they will make interesting .
embellishments in my journal or on hand made cards. Sometimes it good just to play with a technique and see where it leads. Often such experimentation gets used much later on in a project - like the teabag fabric