7. Jan, 2019

Only one More to Go On The Steve McCurry Quilt

It is very hot here in the afternoons so I have been trying to spend some time each afternoon at the sewing machine thread painting. I find these days I cannot sit indefinitely as my neck gets sore. If you have been following this blog for a while you will have seen the other Steve McCurry portraits in this quilt to celebrate age. When I began this project I wrote to several photographers requesting permission to use their photos in this manner. Steve was the only one that replied and he did so magnanimously so the quilt now is the Steve McCurry quilt and are all from his photos. Even my own photos that I had thought of using have been sidelined for another project. Some people say that this kind of work is not art but there is definitely a lot of art in representing the features and colours in thread. You can't mix thread colours like paint but you can change the appearance of thread by the colours you put next to it. I hardly ever use pure white or black preferring a range of greys and charcoals . I use almost exclusively rayon threads because their lustre is like silk and the appearance of the stitching changes slightly as different lights rest on the picture - something I learnt from following Amanda Richardson's wonder silk collages. Cotton threads such as Arofil cover better and are stronger than the rayon but lack this luminous quality. I have learnt a lot in doing this type of stitching