2. Jan, 2019

Home made prepared for printing fabric

After all that scouring to get finishes out of cotton for eco dying I am now doing the reverse. A while back I saw a simple recipe for preparing cotton to take good photographic images. I am starting off on a Linda Mathews Creative journalling junket where she uses painted photos. I have done her photo printing course in the past but the media she uses are quite expensive and difficult to source. This recipe just uses washing soda, alum, fabric softener and hot water and I am impressed with the result. I started with the tree and arbour thinking I would use that in my journal and then went on to try printing one of the last photos for my Steve McCurry quilt and some black and white photos to use in my white on white mentors quilt. I am quite impressed. Like many of these things you have to work ahead to prepare the fabric but the results are just as good as the pfp fabric that is so expensive.