1. Jan, 2019

Happy New Year 2009

My word for the New year is Expansion and I hope to take my art attempts in a number of art forays into extended processes this year so I have started out day 1, January 1, 2019 with a small experiment. Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the velvety decaying petals of the magnolia grandiflora tree. How could i do something with them? Here I have taken two (the two in the foreground) and semi dried them over a salt lamp - they have gone like old soft leather. I have then stamped them using a foamy and black fabric paint. I started out with tragacanth thickened osage orange die but it wasn't dark enough against the brown of the petals. They are not completely flat so I think I will need to pad them with a little wool or wadding. I will probably paint them with gel medium to prolong their life. The one in the background has been stamped but not dried. It has printed OK but I am wondering what will happen to the print as it dries. Time will tell us.