11. Dec, 2018

Only 13 Days to Christmas

Bit late this year but the Christmas tree is finally up and decorated. I think I have all the gifts but I havent wrapped a thing yet so I will need to get busy. I am giving my kids and their partners food platters with fruit and nuts and cheese and crackers so I can't do them too soon or the fresh fruit will spoil. I have had individual mugs printed for all the grandkids with things that happened for them during the year and I will fill those with sweets. Tamara insisted we had candy ances on the tree because it is a family tradition and when she was little she ate the most candy canes of any of them - she even went out and bought them to make sure I didnt miss them this year. Things will get pretty crazy in the shop from here on out and I have two medical appointments between now and Christmas. Grandma has all her medications through to the New Year and Rob has an appointment to get his meds reissued to see him through to his operation. It is a busy enough time of the year without all this but I think it is all in hand. I still have some Christmas food purchases to make and some cooking to do but it is too soon to start on those so for now I will say I am organised