8. Dec, 2018

Joining the October Meditation Stitching Squares Together

This is a first for me. Instead of mounting or joining the block I have decided to let them hang with bead insertions. This is something I haven't done before and is proving a challenge to get the beads taut . I have decided to give this quilt a byline "Not everything in Life is Square". When I cut the 5 1/2 felt squares to mount the foils on, some of them have distorted in the stitching process so as you can see in the example above (much more noticeable because of the close up shot)the borders are not even. I decided not to "fix them because it makes a statement about art and life and process. It is going to take me a few evenings to get the bead hangers attached but overall I am reasonably happy with how it hangs rather than being laid out on the carpet as in this photo