28. Nov, 2018

A disaster but Proof of Practice

This is a cheap top from the second hand store (nylon) that I wanted to try and see if I could eco dye on man made synthetic fabric. It probably wasn't the best choice. First off, as it is a double layer of sheer knit, making a tight bundle to get good prints was difficult because the fabric stretched as I tried to pull it tight. However the muted watercolour effect of spring leaves and flowers is quite pleasant. The botanicals used are red abutilon flowers (Chineses lantern) cherry leaves, Japanese maple both red and green. Unfortunately as I was trying to be eco friendly and re-use stuff in this experiment I places a supermarket bag on top of the brick that keeps my bundle out of the water when steaming. I didn't want marks from the brick transferred onto the back of this top which I had decided to leave plain. Instead of marks from the bricks I got blotches from the print on the supermarket bag - lesson learned. Now I have to decide, do I want to try and resurrect the back of the top? Rob has suggested I try and overprint the back.