26. Nov, 2018

My first run at eco printing on linen

I would make a hopeless scientist as I get carried away and can never stick to changing just one thing in my journey of experimenting, This was the first time I had used linen as a base and I mordanted it the same as for cotton (cellulose fibre). The colours actually have a lot more blue/purple tones than this photo shows. The flowers are off my big red abutilon (chinese lantern) and the maple prints have quite pinky tones in the middle. The central leaves are cooper beech and the yellow leaves which were a complete surprise are off a cherry tree. In the autumn these gave rich golden brown prints. This photo was taken before the piece was ironed and the kowhai leaves are not visible here. When I ironed the fabric the kowhai leaves appeared. They showed up straight away on the iron blanket sketchbook paper. What I love about this process is all these little changes and nuances. I am getting to where I can predict more what will happen but I love the surprise when I unwrap the parcel and viola, there is the printed piece. When I look in the steamer I can see the imprints start to show but it is always a delight to get the bundle unwrapped and see what has alchemised in the process