24. Nov, 2018

A Family Affair

Today's blog is a on a bit of a different take. My eldest granddaughter, Monique, is having a 16th birthday party and Tamara was asked to do the cake. No guessing that Monique is learning the piano. Tamara is now working at the local cafe over the summer so this presented a bit of a problem. So, I made the cake, Grandad directed the shaping of the cake to get the grand piano look and Tamara did the rest. Poor girl it was after 10 pm when she finished icing and she had to go to work again this morning - welcome to the real world - but she is thriving on the challenge. and a paycheck at the end of the week doesn't go amiss either. After all her strife as a cyber bullying victim it is so good to see her starting to fly. And to top it off we just heard yesterday that she is getting an award from Te Kura -the correspondence school. Go Tamara