23. Nov, 2018

Using watercolour paper as a blanket

I loved the effects I got using paper towel as a blanket. I find it amazing that a year ago I had never even heard of using a blanket. I have come so far with my econ dying this year thank to the course I took with Kathy Hays. I while back I posted a piece of viscose that I had experimented with dying. I used watercolour blankets on that piece and here is one of the results. The blankets were dipped in ferrous sulphate but this water colour paper did not absorb the solution very much - it sort of sat on top of the paper - it was probably a cheap watercolour paper. The large brown piece is a cluster of small leafed green maple and the blacking spidery pieces are small leafed Japanese maple - the round pieces are purple cotoneaster. I am so lucky that all these leaves grow in my garden. This paper is quite cardboardy and would make great journal covers or even just framed as an eco -print