18. Nov, 2018

Throwing out the rule Book

This month in Creative Strength Training we have been considering the archetype Judge with all the connotations of following the rules. I am well aware that the Judge and the saboteur are part of my internal committee that has hindered my art development in the past. This coincided with some posts in a botanical printing facebook group I belong to about eco printing with other than the traditional eco printing fabrics. As an artist we like to push boundaries and the thought of using nylon or in this case viscose became appealing. The purists will be horrified but these fabrics are much cheaper in NZ and if I can get results like this viscose print it will be worth the attempts and i can practice on larger pieces of fabric. Since viscose is a man made cellulose product I mordanted it the same as cotton. The leaves are purple cotoneaster and maple - some single leaves and greenish ones sprays off the small leafed green maple in my garden. I wanted to try watercolour paper to see if I could produce paper that could be used in other aspects of my work. So I dipped the watercolour paper in ferrous sulphate and used as a blanket before steaming. I had to use two different water colour papers. This one absorbed the iron solution readily while the other did not. I will post the paper results over the next couple of days