13. Nov, 2018

Purple cotoneaster Joy

This was my last piece of mordanted cotton fabric from the last batch. I decided to go right back to basic. No blanket, just leaves. The sycamore and poplar leaves were dipped in iron sulphate but the purple cotoneaster leaves were picked straight off the bush and added in - this small tree grows at the bottom of our deck. I didnt get hardly any print from this in the autumn so I am overwhelmed that it gives this beautiful blue shade now in the Spring. All the leaves were placed face down and I just folded the top of the fabric over and applied gladwrap and steamed for about 2 hours. If you look closely as the yellow sycamore leaves you can actually see the veining. I wondered what it would be like to stitch along some of those to highlight them. It is a very soft and subtle print. I did expect the sycamore leaves to be bolder in their imprint but maybe that is because of the time of year. This is such a fascinating hobby. you never know quite what you will get. The fuzzy bit in the middle is the flowers of the cotoeaster (smoke tree). It is a strange tree. it doesn't lose its old leaves until the new ones start to appear in the Spring. When we came here Robin thought it was dead and wanted to cut it out. thank goodness I didn't let him