5. Nov, 2018

October Stitch Meditation

I am still working on my October stitch meditation with a recycle twist. The base is foil packaging -like the coffee comes in with scraps of textured yarn (you could us cut up fabric) with organza over the top and free machine stitched in figure of eights. Then a black felt circle and a berry tea bag with embellishments on top. I wanted to do a square a day but I don't use a lot of processed food so I had to wait to get more foil packages. I am up to 20 now so only another 11 to go and I get two squares from the packaging so that is 6 packages of yoghurt mix or coffee. I am thinking of stringing these together with beads so they hang free in rows rather than attaching them to a backing which was my original idea. The design is based on a circle within a square from a short archived video of Linda Kemshall