3. Nov, 2018

The Ombre Wicking Result

The Logwood seemed to travel down the cloth more rapidly than the Lac so that end has more purple than the crimson colour of the lack. It also seems to fade out more regularly. I don't know if this is normal or the way I had the containers arranged. anyway the result is a useable piece of fabric that has shaded properties of both natural dye extracts. This sample is after washing so the colours should be fairly colour fast now. One of the things I am finding is that because the cotton has been mordanted with tannin and then alum and soda ash, there is very little colour leaching when they are washed. My understanding of the chemical process here is that the tannin attached easily to the cotton and then the alum bonds with the tannin and this is why this double mordanting process is successful with eco dying where the single mordanting methods may not be.