25. Oct, 2018

Discharge using Lac

This was an interesting learning process. Here is cotton dyed Lac with a thermofax print of a gum leaf. It is exactly the same discharge paste as I used on the logwood but the print is so subtle. I don't actually mind the pale print but I was expecting something more contrasting. apparently insect dyes (Lac is a secretion from a type of insect) need a considerably stronger discharge past than vegetable dyes. This is all so interesting and at times confusing but I will just keep experimenting. I was naughty and tried to see if the discharge paste would work on some procion dyed fabric but it didn't. I suspect I might need to use chlorine rather than cream of tartar in the tragacanth. I might have a go at that when I get some time. Right now I'm off the cart compost from the bins so we have somewhere to put the grass clippings and I have garden ready to plant round 2 of potatoes for the summer