19. Oct, 2018

Dye Paste

I finally got to mix the tragacanth to make thickened dyes for screening with eco dye extracts.  I am excited with this because I think the same paste could be used with procion dyes as well.  I also made some paste with cream of tartar that is supposed to act like a bleach and extract colour.  Ran out of time to actually try them as I was cleaning out the greenhouse today and putting in the next round of vegetabgles in the veg garden.  I also went to print out the photos for the stitch exercise along with family photos for the year to date because the pharmacy had 9c prints this week and I wanted to take advantage of the cheap prices.  The photo shows a kowhai from the garden which could be interpreted in a number of ways including three D applique.  The photos wont be back till next week - one of the disadvantages of the cheap prices but worth the wait