14. Oct, 2018

Daily Art practice

I am continuing with the photographic documentation of my garden in relation to using the photos for textile work but at this stage i want to be able to also use photoshop elements to provide other options of filters etc and I need to become more proficient with the program so rather than beat myself up I have started another daily art practise based on some work that Linda Kemshall does using squares and circles. I have begun each square with a foil food packet with the foil side up. and have trapped textured yarn under burgundy organza and free machine fixed that in place with circular figure of eight free stitching. Onto this I have placed a circle of black felt and blanket stitched around it. In the centre of the circle is a tea bag set on point from the original square. The tea bags arefrom berry burst herbal teas and some of these have faded with being left in the sun on m y kitchen window sill while others still show their full colour impression. I thin maybe this dye is fugitive but we will see what happens as they age. In the centre of this again is a circle, a button ( in this case) held in place with a range of varying length stitches and with small beads radiating out from the longest thread. I will make 31 different ones of these - one for each day in October. I will post the squares as they are completed